How does it work?

First prepare your audio files with our free “NetMix Encoder” software, second you upload your audio files to our SFTP server and third you can track the process and delivery using the “CND Music Tracker” website.

How can I expedite the delivery of my music?

Follow the file delivery guidelines. Learn more >

How long does it take to deliver my music?

A track is immediately processed and prepared for delivery after you finished uploading the track. New tracks are typically delivered at night to our customers. Once the tracks have been delivered and are online, they appear on the Music Tracker site in the tab “Tracks Online”.

I have tons of music to upload. Is there a faster way than SFTP?

It depends: If your music is already stored in the cloud, it may be possible. Contact us.

We sent USB flash drives with music updates in the past. Is this still possible?

To take advantage of expedited and automated delivery the files must be uploaded to our FTP server.

Do I have to use the free “NetMix Encoder” software or can I continue sending .xls files?

To take advantage of expedited and automated delivery the files must be prepared exactly as it is described in our File Delivery Guide. This applies to new users who send a hard drive and existing users who upload.

What is new in Music Tracker version 2.0?

fully automated processing and delivery chain (when submitting NetMix encoded files); 24-7 Tracking of  processing and delivery using the Music Tracker site; 24-7 Removal of tracks using the Music Tracker site.

How do I know what tracks or discs I need to upload?

You can use the Music Tracker site to view the discs or individual tracks that are already online. The Music Tracker has a search function allowing you to search by Label, Disc, Title or Filename. You can also download a disc or track listing as an Excel spreadsheet and compare it with your inventory to determine what tracks or discs are missing.

How often is the data in the tabs “Discs online” and “Tracks online” updated?

The data is updated every night. The best time to check for updates is after 9 am PST. The data in the tab “Uploaded” and “Delivery” is updated every 3 hours.

How can I remove or disable a track that is not available for licensing any longer?

Goto the tab “Tracks online” and use the search function to find the track by Title or Filename you want to remove. It will take 24 hours for this change to take effect. If you want re-enable a track, find and select it then click “Enable Selected”.